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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BCA Accounting Education Program

Great opportunity for bright high-school graduates to be trained and become experts in Accounting at the BCA Accounting Education Program.

BCA Accounting Education Program

What is BCA Accounting Education Program?

BCA Accounting Education Program (PPA BCA) is an undergraduate-equivalent non-degree program run by BCA as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

PPA BCA is specially designed to give opportunity for the best high-school graduates and vocational secondary school in order to develop their knowledge and skil in accounting.

Since its beginning in 1996 until December 2008, this program has been running 21 classes with a total of 707 students and delivering 387 graduates, 372 among which have been accepted to work at BCA.

Education Period and Learning Time

Classes are delivered by lecturers from wellknown universities and conducted at the BCA Education and Training Center for 30 months, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. The 30-month learning period is divided to 6 trimester (Cawu).

To ensure the highest quality of our graduates, during the program there are performance evaluations to be conducted every trimester. The results will be counting toward the Cummulative Performance Index (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif/IPK). Those with IPK score lower than 2.75 will not be able to continue the education program.

What is learned in PPA-BCA?

Learning activities are not limited to classroom as students are given the chance to have hands-on internship experience at BCA brances as well as BCA head office's working units.
The education materials given in PPA BCA are broadly the same as the materials taught in other Accounting undergraduate programs and are furthermore enriched with some personal development knowledge.

Facilities provided

As a part of BCA's CSR program, the participants are to enjoy free-of-charge education. On top, they will received personal allowance and food allowance, and enjoy various facilites, such as books and medical checkup as regulated in the company policy.
After the participants made it through educational programs during the 30 months they will be bidding for work in the BCA for a company requires labor / employee, with placements for the whole of Indonesia.

How do I register online?

You can register online by following instructions given and fill in your data completely. Online application for the PPA program is opened all year round.

How to apply
to apply this program please refer to link Bank BCA Job Vacancies


The undergraduate-equivalent non-degree Accounting Education Program (PPA) is open to all high-school graduates who meet the following criteria:

  • Indonesian citizen;
  • Graduate from high school (SMU)/vocational high school (SMK) male/female or in the final year of SMU/SMK;
  • Maximum 20 years of age when entering the program (August);
  • Average report score of 7 throughout grade 1 to 3 of high school;
  • Minimum score of 7 for mathematics (science stream students (IPA)) or 7 for Economics/Accounting (social stream (IPS) and SMK))
  • Never repeat a year;
  • Never involved with illegal drugs and other criminal acts;
  • Pass the screening process 

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