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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Program Magang Bakti BCA

“We care about your future, so let us help you get ready”

Opportunity for you, high school graduates up to bachelor's degree to prepare yourself to be an experienced individual and ready to enter the world of work.

Great opportunity for you, the high school up to S1 graduates, to prepare yourself to become a professional. Through our one-year education and internship (without company bond), you will be equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of banking operations and other knowledge which are essential for you to become professionals.

Available programs:

CSO (Customer Service Officer)
Through internship as CSO, you will gain experience in providing service to customers, handling complains effectively, learning BCA banking products, and other exciting experience as Customer Service Officer.

Through internship as Teller, you will be equipped with the skill to process regular banking transactions like money deposit and withdrawal, to check banknotes authenticity, to understand the principle in characterizing customers, and other exciting experiences as a teller

Benefits offered :

  1. Intensive training and internship process
  2. Allowance and other benefits
  3. Scholarship offered at the end of the internship
  4. Certificate
Program Plot
Recruitment - In-Class Training - On the job Training dan Internship

Apply Program magang Bakti BCA

to apply please do at Bank BCA Job Recruitment

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Attractive looking male/female
  • SMU/SMK graduates (average score min 6.5)
  • D1-D3 and S1 graduates (GPA min 2.5 of 4)
  • Age between 18 to 25 years-old
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Friendly with good command of communication
  • Never been involved with illegal drugs and other offenses.
  • Willing to be placed at any BCA branches at the selection city area
  • Pass the selection
  • Willing not to get married during the internship program

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