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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recruitment Astra Honda Motor

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is the pioneer of the motorcycle industry in Indonesia. Established on June 11, 1971 with initial name of PT Federal Motor, whose stock is majority owned by PT Astra International. At that time, PT Federal Motor only assemble, while the components are imported from Japan in the form of CKD (completely knock down).

Type the first motorcycle in Honda's production is a business type, S 90 Z 4 stroke engine with a capacity of 90cc. Total production in the first year for one year only 1500 units, but jumped to about 30 thousand in the year and continue to grow until today. The bike continues to grow and become one of the modes of transportation mainstay in Indonesia.

Motorcycle industry is now a major industry in Indonesia. Employees of PT Astra Honda Motor alone currently numbers around 15,000 people, plus 130 vendors and suppliers as well as thousands of other networks, all of which provide the economic impact of a remarkable chain. The entire economic chain is estimated to be about providing employment opportunities to about 500 thousand people. PT Astra Honda Motor will continue to work producing two-wheel transportation a fun, safe and economical in line with expectations and needs of the people of Indonesia.

Job Description :
  • Responsible for coordinating routine by the Quality related to the AHM on technical information that is sent by the network at the Main Dealer, Dealers & AHASS
  • Ensure that all data quality report in the TOP 20 unanalyzed well, for then followed up in quality with the quality-related meetings
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the improvements made by the Quality related in AHM, and give feedback immediately if found to be repeated cases that occurred after repair
  • Having passed S1 majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • Min GPA 2.75
  • Age Max 27 years
  • Has a pretty good analysis
  • Mastering the English language well
Job description:
  • Responsible for monitoring, collecting, processing & analyze problems early cases of tissue engineering AHASS and Dealers
  • Doing investigation and verification techniques to the network case AHASS and consumers in the context of problem solving
  • To verify the results of the analysis of case engineering improvements to the quality and network related AHASS and Dealers
  • Has Passed D3 majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • GPA min 2.75
  • Age Max 25 years
  • Mastering the analysis / trouble shooting a motorcycle with a good
  • Have the ability to adapt well
Job description:
  • Responsible for fostering good relations with the media
  • Develop and manage a database of media and journalists
  • Develop a press release the company's activities
  • Prepare materials for the leadership before the interview
  • Develop programs press gathering
  • Minimum S1 graduate majoring in Communication Studies
  • GPA min 2.75
  • Age Max 27 years
  • Flexible and easy to adapt to various levels
  • Has the ability to write a good report
  • Has good integrity
  • Ability to work in a high mobility

Interested candidates please apply online at the link above

By Nela Triagustin with

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