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Friday, December 9, 2011

Bogasari Indofood Recruitment

In order to develop the flour market in Indonesia, in 1981 founded the training center Bogasari bakery (baking school) in Jakarta and in Surabaya in 1997, aimed to train new entrepreneurs in the field of flour-based food. In his journey, Baking School and then developed into Bogasari Baking Center (BBC) with an expanded coverage area in various cities in Indonesia.

The BBC has now become one of the spearheads marketing Bogasari. A variety of skills and knowledge enhancement courses cooking flour-based foods that have such programs Bogasari Serving Together (SBB), which was held through a roadshow in various cities in Indonesia, Competition Creative Recipes (LCKR) for students majoring Catering vocational and university level Height, cooking demonstrations, and various other BBC special training package.

In addition, special training for the partners of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which do Bogasari also continue to be developed. With the concept of "Partner Growing Together", since 1998 Bogasari encourage business partners to grow into a flour-based food entrepreneurs are self-reliant and develop. The program "Success Together Bogasari", held periodically, an educational effort for SMEs in developing technologies to produce recipes and flour-based foods.

As a vessel of communication in sharing knowledge and experiences among the SMEs, will be established community-community of SMEs from various segments such as chicken noodle, bread, martabak, fried foods, and others. The presence of "Discourse Partner", ie a medium that published for SMEs are expected to be a means of education and information to their business development.

In 2002, SME development further developed Bogasari partners again and arranged in a loyalty program Bogasari Partner Card (BMC) which among others provide benefits to its members in the form of easy to get flour, training, and in the development of other benefits that provide additional assurance personal accident insurance, health insurance and fire insurance.

As the food industry, with a production also has a commitment in support of national food security is by holding a Nugraha Bogasari program since 1998. Program in the form of research grants for students and researchers are expected to encourage the birth of eminent research in particular in food diversification efforts to achieve national food resilience. This program continues and ditingkatnya scaled up to now change its name to Indofood Research Nugraha.

Bogasari journey to meet the needs of the community and customers through providing quality products will continue in line with the commitment Bogasari in an effort to contribute to build the nation's nutrition. (Source: Bogasari)

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