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Lowongan Kerja

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lowongan Kerja Bank Mutiara

Takeover of the company by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) based on the decision of the Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK) No. 04/KSSK.03/2008 on 21 November 2008 was the rescue of national economic health Tbk PT Bank Mutiara.

Rebranding on October 3, 2009 with the previously established by the Governor Decree No. BI by mail. 11/47/KEP.GBI/2009 dated 16 September 2009 was the initial management in developing re-Pearl Bank. These include the launching of the development philosophy of SPIRIT, changes in vision and mission, corporate culture change, launching a new business plan and strategy Pearl Bank.

SPIRIT is the philosophy of Excellent Service, professionalism, Integrity, Relationship, Integrity, Relationship, Innovative and Turst. Pearl Bank in an effort to make SPIRIT metamorphosis of this corporate culture in order to focus on improving service to customers.

Vision "To be the Best Choice Community Bank Focus" is an aim to clarify the direction of achieving the Pearl Bank is focusing efforts on the retail segment without losing sight of the other segments, and is able to provide a quality service standards. With this vision of the Pearl Banks try to become a bank selected by the society as it can be a place to invest a safe and reliable for our customers and investors.

To realize this vision, Pearl Bank on a mission "with Priority to Providing the Best Service, Convenience and Customer Satisfaction for maximum results". With various measures to provide banking services in excess of its class competitors and provide technology-based banking services. All of this mission is implemented through a warm and friendly smile every employee Pearl Bank in providing fast and accurate service that gives impression for customers, providing a feeling of security in the transaction and beneficial for all parties.

Future strategies and programs have been prepared by the new management of professional and trusted to be able to achieve the vision and mission of the Pearl Bank as the best choice community bank focus and become one of the leading bank in Indonesia that is safe, reliable have a special service, producing quality products, valuable investment with the performance of reliable, clean and strong according to the philosophy of pearls. (Source: Mutiara Bank)


Lowongan Kerja Bank Mutiara


GED. BARCLAY HOUSE Lt. 2, 3, 11 dan 14

Phone: (021) 29261111
FAX : (021) 5224670

How to Apply

Divisi HRD – Rekrutmen
PT. Bank Mutiara, Tbk
Gd. Graha Binakarsa Lt. 2
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C 18
Jakarta Selatan
Telp. 021 - 252 5490, ext. 230


Jobs and Career Bank Mutiara

As the focus of the Best Bank in Indonesia, PT. Mutiara Bank, Tbk has a foreign exchange bank and has to go public which has the largest branch in Greater Jakarta, Karawang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Solo, Palembang, Medan, Jambi, Bali, Pekanbaru, Pangkalpinang and Makassar in order to expand the business, offers career opportunities with us at:

Officer Development Program (code:ODP)

Requirement :
  • Male / Female
  • Single , max 25 years old
  • Fresh Graduate - any discipline Bachelor Degree from reputable University
  • GPA min 3.00
  • TOEFL min 450
  • GPA min 2.75
  • Have excellent communication in English
  • Having good personality, good appearance
  • High motivated , ambitious , dynamics and sales oriented
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Target oriented and able work under pressure
  • Emotional Quotation and Charming
  • Ready to work at all branches in Indonesia

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