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Lowongan Kerja

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lowongan Kerja Indomaret

Starting from the idea to facilitate the provision of basic needs of everyday people. then in 1988 founded a store called Indomaret. Parallel development of store operations. interested companies to further explore and understand the various needs and consumer behavior in shopping. In order to accommodate that goal. some employees are assigned to observe and examine the behavior of public expenditure. The conclusion is that people tend to prefer modern shopping outlets on the grounds of the completeness of the choice of quality products. uncertain and competitive prices. as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

Armed with the knowledge of consumer needs, skill operation shift clan store to store shopping behavior of modern society. then rises noble desire to further serve the homeland. Intention is realized by establishing Indomaret. legal entity with PT. Indomarco Prismatama who has vision and a retail network and the mato unggur "easy and efficient".

At first, form the organizing Indomaret outlets located near the residential consumer. provides a range of basic needs and daily necessities. serve the general public that is diverse. and has an area of ​​approximately 200 m2 store.

Along with the passage of time and market needs. Indomaret continues to add stores in various residential areas. office. commercial. and tourist apartments. In this case there was a learning process for the operation of large-scale retail network. complete with a variety of complex and varied experience.

After mastering the knowledge and skills to operate a large-scale retail chain. Management is committed to making Indomaret as a national asset. It is lidak despite the fact that all the thinking and operation of the company are handled entirely by the sons and daughters of Indonesia. As a national asset. Indomaret want to share with the people of Indonesia through a franchise business and are also able to compete in the global competition. Therefore, the company's vision, then developing into a national asset in the form of franchise retail chain who excel in global competition '.

Indomaret franchise business concept is that increasing the clan is a pioneer in the field minimarket in Indonesia. Response to the public was very posifif. terbukli with an increasing number of franchisees Indomaret Ice waklu time. The concept of franchising company also recognized by the government through the award given to Indomaret as-Winning Franchise Company 2003 '. Such awards are given to the company's first mini-clan in Indonesia to date only Indomaret who receive it.

Indomaret currently growing very rapidly with the number reaching more than 5,000 outlets in the area of ​​Java. Madura. Bali and Sumatra. consisting of 40%-owned outlets and 60% franchisee outlets owned by the Company. Most of the supply of merchandise to all stores from 15 distribution centers Indomaret which provides more than 4,800 kinds of products.

Today. Indomaret presence is further enhanced by the presence of Indogrosir. subsidiaries with business concepts Perkulakan Center. (Source: Indomaret)

Company Vision and Culture

  • During its establishment and development, Indomaret believe in these:
  • Becoming a national asset in the form of retail franchise network that excels in global competition.
  • Easy & Economical
  • Upholding the values of honesty, truth and justice, teamwork, advancing through economic innovation and prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Embracing better living with a smile of sincerity.

Lowongan Kerja Indomaret


PT Indomaco Prismatama
Jl. Ancol I, No. 9-10, Jakarta Indonesia
Telp. (021) 6919710-12 (hunting)

How to Apply

To apply for the Employment Application, please access Indomaret Career

Jobs and Career Indomaret
  1. Job Placement Indomaret for Java and Outside Java
  2. Job Placement Indomaret to Jakarta
  3. Job Placement Indomaret to Tangerang
  4. Job Placement Indomaret to Jakarta
  5. Job Placement Indomaret to Parung
  6. Job Placement Indomaret to Bogor
  7. Job Placement Indomaret for London
  8. Job Placement Indomaret to Semarang
  9. Job Placement Indomaret to Jogjakarta
  10. Job Placement Indomaret for Jember
  11. Placement Services for Surabaya Indomaret
  12. Job Placement Indomaret to Malang
  13. Job Placement Indomaret to Denpasar
  14. Indomaret vacancies for Field Placement
  15. Job Placement Indomaret to Palembang
  16. Placement Services for Bandar Lampung Indomaret
  17. Job Placement Indomaret to Makassar
An application letter accompanied by:
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopy of diploma and transcript of the last
  • Photocopy of identity card / driving license
  • Photocopy of latest SKCK
  • Photocopy of the latest Health Certificate
  • Passport photo size 4 X 6
  • Include the code of the desired position in the top right corner of the envelope

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