Lowongan Bancassurance Consultant (Banyuwangi)-PT Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG

    Bancassurance Consultant (Banyuwangi)-PT Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG

    Banyuwangi (Jawa Timur) | Ditayangkan: 10-June-2020 | Tutup pada 10-July-2020

    The Company has operated since April 14, 1985 by the name of PT. Purnamala Internasional Indonesia (PII). In 1989, the Company changed it’s name into PT. Asuransi Jiwa Eka Life, which then in 2007 changed again into PT. Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas (Sinarmas Life Insurance). In 2011, PT. Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas became a joint venture life insurance Company, thus the name changed into PT. Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG (also called Sinarmas MSIG Life – SMiLe), whose shares owned by PT. Sinar Mas Multiartha, Tbk and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited – Japan, 50% respectively.
    As a joint venture life insurance Company, Sinarmas MSIG Life has obtained permits from the concerned institutions. The Ministry of Legal and Human Rights Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has issued their endorsement through Decree Number AHU- 32784.AH.01.02 of 2011, dated July 01, 2011. Likewise, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia has issued a business permit through Decree Number Kep-649/KM.10/2011 dated August 3, 2011.
    In its further growth, Sinarmas MSIG Life (SMiLe) has shown a significant development that can be seen from the continued increasing of premium income from year to year. Until the end of 2012, the Company recorded a total asset of Rp. 24.3 trillion and a total premium of Rp. 10.7 trillion. With accurate and prudent performance, the realization of leverage ratio by the end of 2012 using Risk Based Capital (RBC) was 546.86%.
    The development of Sinarmas MSIG Life (SMiLe) is supported by an excellent financial coordination, product innovation, customer service, and the ownership of a wide business network, which is actualized in the presence of 87 marketing offices and 23,945 marketing officers dispersed all over Indonesia. Sinarmas MSIG Life (SMiLe) is ready to provide the excellent service for you and your Company financial needs.

    • Menjalin dan menjaga hubungan bisnis yang baik dengan nasabah bank rekanan dalam memberikan konsultasi perencanakan perlindungan serta tujuan financial nasabah.
    • Menciptakan hubungan yang produktif, bersinergi, dan efektif dengan seluruh pihak bank rekanan terkait
    • Memastikan seluruh proses bisnis berjalan sesuai dengan prosedur standar perusahaan
    • Memenuhi performa kerja yang sudah ditargetkan perusahaan
    • Usia minimal 23 tahun
    • Pendidikan minimal Diploma 3
    • Memiliki pengalaman minimal 1-2 tahun sebagai sales marketing dalam industri apapun
    • Fresh Graduates diperkenankan untuk melamar
    • Memiliki personality yang baik
    • Memiliki motivasi kerja yang tinggi
    • Memiliki orientasi pada target dan berambisi untuk memenuhi target
    • Bersedia penempatan Banyuwangi

    In Sinarmas MSIG Life we value ideas, personal development, continous improvement & teamwork. Sinarmas MSIG Life very concern to the personnal growth of the stakeholders, it is proofed by providing continously & sustainable training to develop all the employee's competencies so we may deliver excellent performance at work and excellence service to our Customers.
    As a family, we respect each other not just as a work mate but also as a family that support us in workplace and in daily life.
    Sinarmas MSIG Life's Corporate Shared Values :
    • Commitment
    • Continous Improvement
    • Innovative
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Positive Attitude

    ALAMAT : PT Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG
    Sinarmas MSIG Tower, Lt 3A Jln. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 21 Jakarta 12920


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